Plus size models who rock their figure

There are a lot of women out there who feel like having a plus size figure is holding them back – or at least their figure is maybe something thay are not proud of and not happy to show off. Well, we beleive that all of those women out there should be proud of their bodies in the same way as anyone else.

The secret to this, we think, is just being comfortable with your body and just accepting that everyone is different and as the famous saying goes – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And what’s more – 2016 really is the year to have this revelation because it is the year that is changing fashion – its becoming more popular now to have a fuller figure than it is to be a size 10 – as has always been the trend in the (Recent) past.

This post is all about showing women out there how you can rock your plus size figure and who better to inspire women in to being proud and confident with their plus size figure than Nadia Aboulhosn.

Nadia is a model who has a plus size figure and she is 100% rocking that figure with every outfit that she wears.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Not only does Madia rock all of her outfits she looks super sexy in them, she wears them with style and confidence and further more she wears smoe really daring outfits, some really exclusive outfits and she is totally a trend setter in the fashion industry – and guess what – she has a plus size figure.

Do you ever see Nadia worrying about how her bum looks or worrying if her body shape suits a particular outfit – of course not.


Hopefully this post serves as a tribute to Nadia and just says to her – thankyou for being an inspiration to all women out there and showing that you do not need to be confined by your body shape.


Stay tuned readers for our next installment of plus size models that are rocking their body shape and showing everyone out there that a fuller figure looks just as sexy, if not more so, than any other type or shape of body.

The top 5 fashion trends for 2016

Our first post! And just a quick overview of the top 5 fashion trends (as we see it) for 2016 along with our opinion on these trends. If you have any other trends for 2016 that we havnt mentioned we would love to hear them and if there are any that you dont agree with, again please let us know.

The Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit has become really popular in 2016 and this is something we find really cool. This fashion sort of started with the onesie which was like a pair of pyjamas that would typically be worn inside the house in the evening. This trend slowly crept outside and people began wearing onesies to parties and even to the local shops.

Well onesies were considered a bit risky when it came to mainstream fashion, but at the same time they were seen as really cool. And so the jumpsuit was born – almost the same thing but made for outdoor wear and available on so many different materials, colours and styles.

Patterned leggings

Leggings have always been like the staple food of the fashion world – they are comfrortable, versatile and go with almost anything. But in 2016 patterned leggings have become really popular – we have seen them in so many different styles from stripes to stars and even skeleton designs. Where leggings were always defined as slackwear the patterned legging has really allowed them to go with so many more outfits and now they can look really trendy and super cool.


No an item of clothing or a style or a colour but curves are really in for 2016 – there has really been a massive rebelion against the “size 10” figure and people of all shapes and sizes are really starting to become proud of their curves – this means that where in the last fashion would tend to try and cover up all of the curves fashion in 2016 is really trying to show off the curves.

There are websites popping up everywhere that focus on the plus size figure and social media is also full of fashion bloggers and socialites that are shouting out – we are proud of our figures and we want to be heard within the fashion industry.

Bright colours

Bright colours in general are very popular in 2016 fashion. This is great because we find that bright colours are the most fun to work with, they really make you stand out no matter what you are wearing and often they compliment natural skintones perfectly.

Some of the top colours for 2016 are Buttercup, Fiesta and Green Flash according to a recent post on


Jeans are a really trendy choice for 2016 – especially white jeans according to


There have already been hundreds of celebrities snaped in the skin tight white jeans like we can see in this picture of Kendall Jenner. This iten of clothing is particularly trendy when warn with a light coloured crop top, showing off the tummy and really giving a great contrast between white material and tanned skin.

We think its really great to see such a traditional item of clothing such as denim jeans coming back into fashion and especially so because it is normally seen as such a rugged and raw item of clothing but in 2016 it is becoming very hip, very suffisticated and really a trouser that can be worn with anything and to any type of event whether it be laid back or formal.

Want more tips on the top fashion choices for 2016? Well stay tuned to our site – we have so much more to come.

Thanks for reading.